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Welcome to Next Steps. If you've recently made the commitment to follow Jesus, congratulations! That was the best decision you will ever make. Having said that, following through on that decision is just as important. We all need to develop roots in our journey with Jesus, and we realize that it's not always easy to know what to do next. Here are some ways to help your relationship with Jesus and to become who he wants you to be. 

If you haven't made the decision to follow Jesus, tap here.


Who Jesus is and what he's done

What our response to Jesus should be (relationship with Jesus and what that means)

Our identity as children of God (lifestyle not moments)

Our ultimate goal: To be like Jesus

Full surrender & grace

Jesus wants and deserves wholehearted devotion. There is no middle ground or "christianity lite". If we commit to following him, that means we're surrendering to his lordship. This is a decision, but also a lifelong journey. We all make mistakes and are in process, so when you mess up don't run from God, run to him. Jesus is so gracious and the cross provided all the forgiveness we could ever need. No matter what, keep going!


Prayer is not just a religious tradition, it's how we connect with God personally. It is the foundation of our relationship with Jesus. Think of it as a conversation with God--a conversation that transforms you from the inside out. We should pray everyday, not out of obligation, but because we want to grow in our relationship with Jesus.


Worship is not just singing a song, it's a life that's surrendered to Jesus. We express that through singing, lifting our hands, bowing down, clapping, shouting and dancing. We do this all to glorify Jesus. We should worship everyday, not out of obligation, but because Jesus is worthy of all of our devotion and affection.

God's word

The Bible is holy, true and alive. It will never be outdated or irrelevant because it shows us who God is, what he has done and how we should respond to him. The word of God is life to our souls. We should read the Bible everyday, not out of obligation, but because we want to know Jesus better and be transformed by his word.

Water baptism

God commands us to repent and be baptized. When we decide to follow Jesus, we need to make a public confession of our commitment to him. Water baptism symbolizes the burial of our old life and the resurrection of our new life in Jesus.

Being filled with the Holy Spirit

God commands us to be filled with the Holy Spirit--God himself. He promises that if we ask him, he will fill us. This helps us to know Jesus better, be more like Jesus, glorify Jesus and empowers us to share the gospel through words and actions that are beyond our ability. This is not for the spiritually elite, it is for every follower of Jesus.


God commands us to gather for worship, prayer, teaching, encouragement and correction. In fact, the church by definition is a people who gather. We were never meant to follow Jesus alone. Jesus said he would be present in a special way when we gather in his name.


Giving is a way to express our gratitude and trust in Jesus. Giving money has nothing to do with how much money you make, it has to do with how much you trust God. He is our provider and a good Father who always takes care of his children. God says to give generously and cheerfully.


Serving is not just a great way to stay connected with the church, it ultimately helps you fulfill your calling to be salt and light (Matthew 5). There are many expressions of serving, but the heart of serving is love for Jesus: Because we love Jesus, we love to serve his church. 


Know our core values

Get water baptized

Pray and worship with us

Listen to messages

Start a bible reading plan

Give tithes and offerings

See where you can serve


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