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Stay connected with text messages.

We'd love to connect with you and provide not only updates and reminders, but content to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus. Text "hello" to 833-230-9387 or scan the QR code above if you would like to receive text messages from Praise Cathedral. For more info, please read the FAQ below.


What kind of content will I be receiving?

  • Event information

  • Reminders

  • Scripture

  • Worship

  • Prayer requests

  • Testimonies

  • Encouragement

How often will I receive text messages?

  • You will receive 2-6 text messages per month

Is there a way to stop receiving text messages?

  • Yes. Text "stop" at any time to opt-out of receiving text messages

Can I text Praise back?

  • Yes. This is two-way communication. You may send prayer requests or replies to any text message you receive

Why am I not seeing text messages, even after I signed up?

  • Make sure that our number (833-230-9387) is saved in your contacts to ensure that messages don't end up in the junk/spam category

I'm already on Praise's email list and follow Praise on social media--why do I need to sign up for text messages?

  • Social media posts and emails are often overlooked/missed. Texting has a much higher view rate than any other form of communication

While this service is free, note that message and data rates may apply depending on your carrier/plan.

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