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Next Night of Worship:

Friday, March 31 at 7pm

Join us for this multi-church night of worship led by Jeremiah Gonda. We are continuing to make space for Jesus and he is faithful to fill the space we make for him. Expect to encounter the living God as we worship the only one found worthy.



We’re hosting more than a night of worship, we’re hosting the presence of God. Worship is the main activity of heaven and the main purpose of creation. Let’s join with heaven declaring the wonders of our God! 


It's our privilege, passion and purpose to host the presence of the Lord. One of the primary ways we do that is through worship. Our desire is to cultivate a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. Our nights of worship are just that: worship. No agenda, just Jesus. We will worship. The Holy Spirit will be present. That's all that matters. 


Make plans to join us for our multi-church night of worship. See event for details.


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