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This March to Easter will be the most expensive yet... but we're not asking for a penny.

Have you ever experienced God speaking something so clear that it only grows in frequency and intensity until it consumes you?


God has made it clear and sounded the call: We need to make space for more of him.


He can't fill what is already full. That means that we need to remove other things from our life in order to make space for Jesus to do what he wants to do and say what he wants to say. This call is a commitment. That requires change and sacrifice, of time, habits, schedule and the removal of distractions we feed on that muffle the voice of the Lord. 

Instead of giving money this year, God is asking us to give something more costly: Our hearts and our time.

Here is what we're asking:

Fast one day a week, for the next 5 weeks.

This fast is a water-only fast, abstaining from all food for one day. We're also asking that you fast from the other voices that you allow in your life or the "time suckers" of your day/week (social media, news (tv or articles), YouTube, sports, etc.

Note: If you can't do a water-only fast for medical reasons, please do not. Choose from the other options listed above. 

We want to make space and clear the clutter of our minds and hearts, to better hear what God is saying.

There are many opportunities to gather and we're asking for your participation:

Attend all 5 worship services (Sundays 10am--Praise Kids ministry available)

Attend at least 2 pre-service prayer gatherings (Sundays 9:30am-9:50am)

Attend at least 2 evening prayer gatherings (Tuesdays 7pm)

Attend at least 2 bible studies (The Reset--Wednesdays 6:30pm--Praise Kids ministry available)

Attend both nights of worship (March 10 at 7pm and March 31 at 7pm)

Attend our Good Friday service (April 7 at 7pm)

We will have communion every Sunday.

We will have baptisms on Resurrection Day, April 9, during our worship service.

Continue to read our bible plan, even if you haven't begun, start fresh today. The word of God is life to our souls.

What have we asked you to do? 

Pray, fast, worship, gather, read your bible... nothing strange or new--christianity 101.

The heart of these things is to make space for Jesus, then ask him to fill the space, not just to complete a task.

We know we will be transformed in the presence of the Lord as we encounter him in fresh ways. 

What are you willing to do for more of Jesus?





A brief history:

March to Easter started in 2021. God gave us a vision to help foster children and foster families. The first year our goal was to raise $3,000 for Foster Florida. By the grace of God, we raised $5,200.


In 2022, God gave us a vision to prepare for what we were praying for: future families and revival. Our goal was to raise $6,000 to start the process of changing out the pews for chairs to better utilize our space--that would have purchased 100 chairs. We miraculously raised over $14,000 and were able to buy all 240 chairs to fill the sanctuary.


This year, we are again doing something different, not because we're trying to change March to Easter, but because this is where the Lord is leading us, and we must follow.

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