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Join us as we spend 100 days praying and reading. This is not merely a box to be checked, but helps unify us and stay on track. This plan gives you an excellent overview of the Bible in 100 days—50 essential scriptures from the Old Testament and 50 essential scriptures from the New Testament. Whether you read the Bible every day or are new to reading it, we’re asking that you commit to reading it with us, and praying with us. The prayers offered are simple, biblical, powerful and go along with our scripture reading. Whether you turn the pages or scroll the screen, consume the word of God, for it is life to your very soul. May Jesus be glorified! 

Download our reading plan, or use the YouVersion bible app to help you stay on track.

However you read, we encourage you to keep these prayers on your phone or print them out and stick them in your bible.

Pray these prayers every day with us as we read the bible

  • I ask for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that I may know you better

  • Let your word cleanse my mind, removing or correcting any wrong ideas I have about you

  • Fill me with the Holy Spirit to glorify Jesus and become more like him

  • I ask for greater measure, awareness and responsiveness of your presence in my life

  • Cause my heart to burn for you as you open the scriptures to me

  • Revive my heart, revive my family, revive my church, revive my city, revive us!

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