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Jesus. Most know the name, few know the person. You can know him today.


God has always wanted a relationship with us. In his desire to have this relationship, he gave us free will (it's not much of a relationship if it's forced). In our free will, we essentially said, no thanks! Sin (anything that violates God's purposes) created a barrier between us and God. The consequences of sin kept us from restoring our relationship with God. We were doomed to a life apart from God, the source of all life, love, hope, purpose, etc. A sinful people could never have full access to a holy God--the very thing we were created for and all need. We were hopeless to ever become righteous to restore our relationship with God. We were stuck in a cycle of sin, shame, insecurity, depression, fear, envy, greed, lust, hopelessness, sickness and death... until Jesus.


Jesus changed everything. Since we couldn't go to God, God came to us. Jesus, being fully God and fully man, was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, and laid down his life to be sacrificed on a cross for our sin. On the third day, he came back to life, establishing hope and freedom for everyone who believes in him.


Jesus death and resurrection not only provided forgiveness for our sin, but made a way for us to have a new nature--the one God intended all along. What we could never do, Jesus did. Willingly, with joy, he suffered and died just so you could have access to God again. No more barriers. The death of Jesus covered everything--it is a complete work--everything we need to have a right relationship with God. He forgives us (no matter what we've done), he gives us a new nature that empowers us to have God's spirit live inside of us, helping us to follow Jesus with our whole hearts.


The following prayer doesn't save you, rather it's just a starting point for your journey with Jesus. The starting point must include: Belief in Jesus and his death and resurrection, humility and confession of sin--choosing to turn your back on sin and giving your life to Jesus.


Jesus, I confess my sin and need for a savior. I believe you are that savior--that you died and rose to life to save me. I turn my back on my old life and give my life to you. Forgive me and make me new. I choose to submit to your lordship and follow you with all my heart, for all my life. Thank you Jesus for loving me and giving yourself for me.


If you have made the decision to follow Jesus, please contact us here. We were never meant to follow Jesus alone, so we would love to connect with you, pray with you and give you some resources to help you on your new journey.


Jesus loves us and forgives us no matter what, however, he loves us too much to leave us the same and calls us to his standard of living. Not the world around us, not tradition or religion, HIS standard. For more about following Jesus, please visit our next steps page here.


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